Program Overview                                                     

Components for the Diocesan Certificate in Lay Ministry 

Academic Core: Old Testament, New Testament, Ecclesiology (3 parts); Introduction to Liturgy, Introduction to Practical Morality, Vocation to Ministry

Specializations: (choose at least three courses in one of the four areas) 

  • Word: Intro to Catechesis, RCIA, Vocation, Spirituality and Discipleship of Catechists, A Vision for Catholic Youth Ministry, Spirituality and Inclusive Faith Communities, Foundations and Vision of Adult Faith Formation, Administration in Ministry 
  • Worship: Intro to Sacraments of Initiation, RCIA, Spirituality in Adult Learning and Faith Formation, Sacrament of Marriage, Pastoral Approach to Culture, (Pastoral Liturgy track still being developed) 
  • Service: Survey of Catholic Social Teaching, Parish and Social Action, Poverty in US and Around the World, Advanced Catholic Social Teaching, Scripture and Justice 
  • Community: Evangelization and Discipleship, Pastoral Approach to Culture, Spirituality and Inclusive Faith Communities, Study of The Joy of the Gospel, Parish as a Learning Community, Relational Ministry with Youth, Many Faces of Adult Learners 

Spiritual Formation: 

  • Orientation Retreat (one full day) 
  • Culminating Retreat (one full day) 
  • Theological Reflection Evenings (1 per semester) 
  • Formation Weekend (annually, full weekend) 
  • Monthly spiritual direction; journal (Emmaus Companion) 

Skills Workshops: (Offered four times per year; choose two) Examples: Communication, Group Dynamics and Facilitation Skills, Collaboration and Consensus-Forming, Public Speaking/Presentation Skills, Designing and Leading Prayer, Working with Volunteers, Essential Church Documents and their use in Ministry 

Practicum/Field Study (across 4-6 months near completion of process) Guided ministry experience or project in area of specialization; demonstration of planning, skills application, theological reflection, and identifying future personal growth goals (written elements; portfolio) 

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